Friday, April 5, 2013

Grandma Does Poland

I have a confession: whenever I leave my grandparent's house I cry like a baby for at least 10 minutes while driving away. When my Grandmother left my house this morning in the taxi, it wasn't any different. I was choked up still fifteen minutes later when I entered my pharmacology seminar on aminoglycosides. But it was really a great visit!!!

She got in about two weeks ago, just after I passed my second to last retake for patho; perfect timing! I made dinner for us that first night and she got settled in and reacquainted with Copper. She also brought tons of goodies from back home: Shake n' Bake, Grandma Utz chips, Girl Scout Cookies, Cadbury Eggs...  

The next day I took her on a tour of the town, despite the fact that it was COLD. We started with the town square and then headed to the churches in the vicinity, we saw the remnants of the synagogue which was turned into a swimming pool by the Nazi's, and then I took her to the most important Polish experience- perogi's. I don't mean those terrible boiled things, I'm talking about huge, baked ones, stuffed full of veggies and meats. Delicious. We spent about two hours in the restaurant warming up and enjoying our tea, before heading back out. 

The third day she was here I sent Copper to the kennel and the two of us headed to Krakow. It's about a seven hour train ride to Krakow, but it went pretty quick. I spent most of the time studying for the next round of patho misery while Grandma trudged through "Sense and Sensibility." (I think she only got through about 10 pages, it is really a terribly boring book- I know because I read a few pages out loud on the way back; while doing all the voices. haha).
We got to Krakow pretty late and got dinner. The next day I had scheduled a tour so that Grandma could see the Auswitch concentration camp. I've done the tour once before- and I have to say it is easily one of the most depressing places I have ever seen. After that we had a look around Krakow, mainly in the area of the main square, because once again it was COLD. 

The day after that we woke up to about 6 inches of snow. Luckily our tour that day was 'inside' or at least underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This tour was much more uplifting and all the carvings and expansive rooms that the miners did were really cool to see. But I'll tell you what, I'm in pretty good shape and my shins were shaking pretty good after walking down 50+ flights of stairs! At the end of the day we went to the Kazimierz area which is the Jewish District. Unfortunately I got us lost so we ended up a little cold and more walked than anticipated.
Wieliczka Mine
Wieliczka Mine
We took the train home the day before Easter, and found all of the grocery stores very much closed (it was only 4pm on Saturday- we thought they'd be open till 5 at least!). So we had to hurry and buy some things at a mini mart to hold us until Tuesday when everything opened back up. This part of the trip was pretty boring. I had a test on Wednesday (which by the way I passed!) so I spend almost three days straight studying. We watched a few movies and went to the mall in the days after the test. 

And then today- Friday, the taxi came and took her bags. And she was gone. Hopefully she made it to the airport and is in the sky on her way back home! I hope she comes back soon!!!

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