Thursday, August 21, 2014

Medical Students Make the Worst Patients

You know that old adage doctors make the worst patients. 
Well medical students are worse. 
Essentially, I did everything except stop breathing today- but I came pretty damn near close. And I still didn’t want to go the doctor. (Sad truth: I hate going to the doctor, like really HATE it). 
After about 2 hours of non stop coughing, gasping for breath, and hoping that the damn albuterol would kick in (it never did) I reserved myself to the inevitable. I was going to have to be a victim of the Polish healthcare system. 
Asthma + Infection: 1   Me: 0
When I did finally go they were way to nice to me. (I really could have probably used one of those cranquis comebacks- “stupid, stupid, stupid”)
To be fair, it has been way worse before and for months at a time. 
Anyways, back to tonight. I like drugs, drugs are nice. Did they help 100% no, but I’ll tell you what it sure beats suffocating. 

Of course then I’d have an excuse not to take my final on Saturday, hm….that’s a hard one. 

*Update*  I have pneumonia. So there you go. Don't wait to go to the doctor if you're sick. Lesson learned.

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