Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sleep is the one thing that I'm usually pretty good at...until it comes to actually sleeping at night or falling asleep. Then I usually just lie there thinking about everything else and how miserable I am.

I'm very good a being miserable =-)

That's why I'm writing this at 2:15 in the morning. Because I can't sleep. And like most people I have to be somewhere tomorrow. However, unlike them who are well rested from their weekend I will be half asleep. It's going to be AWESOME! Thank goodness I only have one class tomorrow and for the first time in forever NO tests!!!!

This weekend I got a pair of Rollerblades. I used to love to Rollerblade when I was younger. I would drag my sister to the skate park and we would spend hours there. This pair isn't quite what I wore when I was fourteen. But, they're going to be perfect for going to class and walking with the dog (or having him walk me). As to why I got a pair of Rollerblades and not a bike the answer is very simple:
       1. They just re-did the sidewalks for the euro cup this summer.
       2. Bikes have to be ridden on the road
       3. Have you ever seen people in Poland drive? It's terrifying!!!!
I have seen one too many car crashes to get on a bike and be one with the cars in this country. I thought drivers in the states were bad, but they take bad driving in Poland to a whole new level. I once saw a guy run a stop sign and the guy he almost hit honked the horn (rightfully so) the guy who ran the sign stopped his car got out and proceeded to rip the other guy out of the car for honking at him. And apparently this is a common occurrence.

To name a few of the most recent crashes I've seen: a Toyota cut a Mercedes off from behind at an intersection, a city bus plow into a turning car, and a VW hit another parked VW and a pole. I've also been in taxi's that have purposely gone down the wrong side of the road to avoid the line of traffic and who run red lights because stopping is inconvenient. On top of this I see ambulances everywhere so I know there are more crashes happening that I don't see...I can only imagine what the highway is like!

So next time you ride your bike think of how dangerous it could be. You could end up a hood ornament...and the best part is somehow no matter what it would be your fault. (That's this country for you.)