Sunday, March 4, 2012

From Hell back to Purgatory

The month of Hell is officially over with my last BIG exam taking place yesterday.  Fingers crossed I passed so I don't have to deal with the misery that is anatomy anymore!!! It's probably a subject that I will need the most of being a doctor and all...but oh how I hate it. What ever happened to head, shoulders, knees, and toes??? Being a Polish medical school even the test itself had to be bizarre; the test which was supposed to start at 11:30 on Saturday didn't start until 12:30 because someone couldn't figure out how to make the test system work (it's all computerized, but they give these tests about 7 times a month for the different years and classes so you'd think they'd have it figured out....guess not). Ah well at least IT'S OVER!!!! =-)
So today instead of being productive I'm still lying in bed (at 2pm) watching videos on YouTube and writing this. I never realized how good those Disney channel original movies from the 90's were until now. Ha ha.
An update on my resolutions which given that I just realized it is now lent are now called my lent resolutions despite the fact that I am not Catholic or any religion remotely associated with it.


1.    Studying for 3 hours/day --> Have you ever tried this when you've been studying 7+ hours a day it stinks! 
 My version of studying is more read 2 pages watch 10mins of Recess on YouTube, read 5 pages go make a sandwich, read 1 page go play with the dog. You get the picture...ADD at it's best. 
2.     Walk Copper at least once a dayà; If you don't he'll wake you up at 3 in the morning.  

3.     Exerciseà; As soon as I catch up on much needed sleep. 

4.    I will not get totally miffed at the microbiology professors à Hard to do as they locked one of the guys in a room and yelled at him for an hour for recording the lecture. They then proceeded to go through his phone and camera deleting EVERY picture even remotely associated with the school. Which I'm fairly certain is illegal. 

5.    Eat healthy à This involves grocery shopping. Grocery shopping involves getting out of bed. I like bed. 

6.     Dishes get washed when they're put in the sink à Gonna have to do this one today. No more plates. 
I suppose I should start my day now. I have people coming over later to study and my apartment is really out of control messy right now. I'd also like to go outside at some point, it's so sunny, even if it is freezing.