Friday, October 24, 2014

A Difference

A few hours ago I would have rushed at the chance to be done with this elective. But, as I left the emergency room for a final time and looked back at the impressive building that held it, I couldn't help but to feel a bit of sadness.

Yes, it was rough. Yes, I did cry more than once. Yes, my parents called a few times to make sure I was still alive. But, it was worth it.

After the initial week of terribleness everything slowly got better. By the time I got to the final week I felt like "I've got this." I finally knew what I was supposed to do, how I was supposed to do it, and I could present patients to the attending like a boss. My last shift was SO much better than the first, I felt like a completely different person. 

There was one lady who really made my day this week. She was being admitted and I got to talking with her about some of her medical problems. Near the end of our conversation she said, "I wish all my doctors were like you and would listen to me. Make sure you never change." I wanted to hug her. After the last few weeks, one lady made everything seem possible. 

It didn't hurt that the same night my attending said I did, "amazing work." was a good night. 


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