Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hi all! I know it's been a while since there's been a proper post, but really nothing special has been happening. I start class in about a month so I'm just hanging out studying for the most part. That is until the past two weeks, when I took a trip to Prague with my step-mom.

First she came to Poland and visited me and toured around. Then we hopped one of the most expensive flights I've ever booked to Prague where she had to do some work.

Day 1: Flight to Prague. And then a late dinner with my mom's contacts in old town.

Day 2: We walked ALL OVER Prague. We started at the castle and St. Vitus Cathedral (quite possibly one of the most amazingly beautiful cathedrals I've ever seen). Then we walked down the hill into the city and across the Charles Bridge. The bridge was nice, but I don't think it was as awesome as some of the other stuff in Prague - too many people and bad artists. Then we went to dinner and some mall that used to be a military barracks.
I thought my feet were going to fall off by the end of the day.

Day 3: Our friend from Prague took us up north to see a glass factory and school of glass making to see how some of that famous Czech glass is made. The best part was that we got to try blowing glass as well.
This is also the day that my mom had to start working so when we got back we headed to the convention center and met up with some of her colleagues that also work with science fairs.

Day 4:  We slept in a bit and then went back to the convention center to check things out and make sure the student she was watching out for was all set up for the contest. 
In the evening was the opening ceremony for the competition which was actually pretty cool. They used a really old fountain that was choreographed with music and gymnasts and fire twirlers (I think that's what they're called anyway). At the end all of the competitors went up on stage to represent their country and there were kids from all over Europe as well as North America, China, New Zealand, Israel... and a plethora of other places!
Day 5: The student we were with had judging for his project and we weren't allowed to stay so we went downtown with some of my mom's colleagues for another tour of the city and some coffee. This time we walked UP the hill to the castle so it hurt even more after.
On our way back to the tram we came across a bunch of owl's and eagles and guess what...they let me hold one!!! It was totally a Harry Potter moment.

Day 6: My mom had meetings most of the day so I slept in, and then went for coffee and did some studying.
That night there was a dinner party for everyone at the science fair held at the senate building garden, so we hung out there for a while and mingled.
Day 7: More meetings and studying.

Day 8:  All the kids at the fair packed up their projects and judging finished. They went off on a tour of the city and my mom and I went downtown to run an errand and then stopped for a bratwurst and a Thai massage. I didn't think it was possible, but a little Asian woman picked me up and cracked my spine from top to bottom- it felt amazing!

Day 9: The awards ceremony was in the afternoon there was a choir and some really neat rope circus performers before the show. And our "kid" won something so that was pretty awesome too!!!
After that the week was pretty much over and we said goodbye to everyone and headed back to the hotel for one last dinner meeting.

Day 10: My mom left at 3 a.m. to head back to the States!!! I stayed and slept because my flight wasn't until 2 p.m. It was nice to watch television and just lounge. I got to the airport too early to check in and so I had to go to McDonalds (darn). Then while I was sitting at the gate waiting for the plane guess who should walk up, our friends from Poland- who I thought were taking the train home. They definitely startled me!!!