Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we were in the hospital all day again. I really enjoy it, it's so nice to be out of lecture halls and actually doing something. For the most part I've learned a ton from actually seeing the things I've been reading about for the past two years. I do have to admit though, that some of the stuff bores me to tears. Ultrasounds for example. The doctor in charge of us lost me at: "and this is the heart."

How in the world can you see what everything is? It just looks like a bunch of black and white, mildly formed fuzz. Meanwhile, the doctor is just spitting out random facts about the pictures on the screen and pointing at various formations: "this is the left ventricle as seen from the epigastric area."


Will I one day be able to read these stupid things as well as them? Because right now it's not looking very promising.

Of course right now, nothing is looking very promising. At the rate I'm going the only thing I'll be specializing in is unemployment. I feel so stupid, like I can't get even the simple stuff. It's getting frustrating to study for weeks only to have everything totally go to waste when it's time to take the test. I feel like I don't know anything even after I study hard- and apparently I don't.  

Maybe I should start skipping class like everyone else to prep for exams.

Back to studying, I guess. Let's see how many hours I can waste on the next test.

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