Friday, March 22, 2013


 It was really nice and warm, and then it started snowing last week and hasn't stopped since. We've gotten almost a foot maybe more in places. I don't really mind the snow, but I think I'm ready for it to be warm again. Back home I used to be out snowboarding almost everyday of the week and here it's so flat and there isn't time to ski, which just makes the winters long and cold. It also really stinks because spring break just started and there's more snow outside right now than there is on Everest.

Speaking of spring break, my grandmother get here on MONDAY! Despite how much work I have to do while she's here, I'm so excited! Before she gets here I need to do some serious scrubbing in my apartment. Part of having a test or two every week for a month and a half is that some things don't get done. And my apartment has definitely suffered. I need to vacuum, mop, dust, scrub, wash and wax before my grandmother gets here. On top of that I need to get cracking on my studying for my next exam because while she's here I probably won't be doing too much as far as studying.

I do wish I could have went home for this break though. It's the only time we have off until the middle of July, and then classes start back up in August (Polish scheduling is a little bit um...strange, particularly for our class. I think it's because they don't have 4 year programs usually in Europe). I would have decided to go home, but I didn't know until about a week ago that classes and exams were going to be cancelled and moved so we could actually have the WHOLE week off instead of starting break on Wednesday afternoon. I guess it just makes the times I do get to go home more special.

At least I have Copper to keep me company until Monday and he's family so I guess I'm not totally alone in this! And he loves the snow!

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