Monday, February 13, 2012

I Got Mail....Kind of!!!

This weekend was awesome. Like any dedicated medical student I watched two lifetime movies, one Disney classic, walked my dog (Copper), cleaned my apartment, cleaned Copper, and did a ton of laundry.
Oh I did school work too! The last few hours of my weekend were spent reading Microbiology for the quiz I had today.

The only thing I think I got out of the seventy or so pages I read was (sorry for this uber nerd moment):

Gram negative bacteria are stained by counterstain and then alcohol is used to break through the cell walls causing the counterstain to be washed out and the safranin to be let in. So my thought the entire time I was reading was well why in the world don't they give people with really bad gram negative infections lots of alcohol, get them good and drunk and then give them some antibiotics. If antibiotic resistance is a problem but we can still gram stain using alcohol then obviously they're not resistant to the alcohol yet.
But, obviously if this worked you're immune system wouldn't be compromised by alcohol.
It was just a thought.

In other news I got mail today!

When I say I got mail I got a Valentines day package from my mom and grandmother. So a little about the Polish postal system. They come to your apartment and leave a slip that says where you can go to pick up your boxes. Like anyone I got that slip and about danced the whole way to the post office. When I got there the office was packed with about 15 people in line and only two servers. This leads me to believe that unlike back home the Polish postal system is doing quite well for itself. Anyway, when it's finally my turn I hand the lady my slip and totally freeze as she says something in Polish. I dunno why but every time they talk I totally wig out. After a few minutes of bad English and even worse Polish I finally get my package and get to bring it home.

Opening my package: To be very undramatic my grandmother sent me a giant bag of peanuts. But my moms package was bigger and had been in one of those large paper-cardboard envelope thingys. For some reason it was in a giant plastic bag.

Alarm bells should have been going off at this point.

As I open it thrilled to see what my mommy has sent my for valentines day I realize it looks like someone has taken a knife to the side of the package. Investigating still further I discover that the NyQuil tablets and cough drops that my mother sent to help me sleep with this damn bronchitis have all been knifed unceremoniously out of their wrappings. The chocolate heart that my mother had sent me was also opened and every piece of chocolate was in the outer bit of packaging covered by the debri from the ripped boxes. Even the three raw hide dog bones were broken in half and searched through...for what I don't know. Finally, when I got to the bottom of package I found my mothers card it too had been cut open as though something would fit in the small, very flat envelope. The only thing that survived were the Oreos....thank goodness!

Moral of the story #1: If you have drugs don't send them to Poland unlike every other civilized country customs here doesn't have drug dogs, just goons with knives.

Moral of the story #2: If you are sending medication or cough drops, send it separate from your valentines candy. Otherwise you'll not only be all alone on valentines day but also chocolate-less as well.

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