Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Year, First Post

So here's the deal. Like most students I don't have time for anything, but somehow I have a way of doing everything except studying. Go figure.

Since it's February let me get you caught up.

1. I'm in my first year of a 4 year MD program in Poland. Originally I'm from the US but no where in particular because I've moved almost every 3 years of my life. When I'm done in Poland I will have lived here longer than I've lived anywhere.

2. I live in an off 'campus' apartment due to issues in the dormitories with noise from ERASMUS students who are basically medical exchange students from all over Europe. These ones were mostly Spanish and they were miserable to be around when it came to noise and normal sleep habits.

2. I have a 4 month old german shepherd puppy. I've always wanted one, and thought that medical school wasn't brutal enough without having to house break a raging ball of fluff.

3. Polish is really hard to learn and some of the people here really live up to every stereotype.

4. I have insanely bad the last two weeks my apartment has flooded three times: twice from the washer, once from the shower; I've developed bronchitis, my wallet was stolen, my dog has had a bad case of the worms, 2 light bulbs in two separate rooms have blown up, my water pressure has died, and when I went out to get steak with friends last night they not only had no cow products but also brought out chicken fingers and declared them to be 'golden ribs.'

5. I'm 3 weeks away from taking the anatomy NBME (really BIG test) and as prepared to take it as I am to dance down the street in the buff. On second thought do you think they'd pass me by reason of mental insanity if I did do that???

Anyway you get the picture.

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