Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Internal Med: Week Two

I think we've covered all the basics for taking a history and doing a physical exam- finally.

After failing to progress through the goals of the course with actual patients (we've run out of volunteers I think) the last few days the doctors in charge have resorted to having us use each other to practice on. The guys in the class have all been used to demonstrate chest and abdominal exams. Which is kind of weird, because it's one thing to have to palpate, percuss, and auscultate some stranger, but it's kind of strange to do it on someone you know! Today we paired off and practiced head and neck exams. Again it was weird. And of course everyone was really worried about themselves. Med students make the best hypochondriacs.

"What do you mean I have a lump?... Where?....What do you think it is?... You know I've had this slight cough for a while...."

After talking with one of the Doctors in charge of our group, I found out that he was one of the first students to come to school here for the English four year program. He actually had the same professor we all had for pathology and my classmates and him were swapping stories. Back when he had the professor, they had to not only pass a written exam, but an oral exam as well- which was held at the professors house. And I thought we had it rough. At least we know there's hope for us after all!!!

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