Saturday, March 9, 2013


Besides the fact that I feel like I'm clinging to my sanity while someone steps on my fingers, I'm doing good. Yeah, things could be better, but they could be a whole lot worse and that makes things seem okay. 
We finally got the retake schedule sorted out. Almost everyone is happy with it, though it still has to be approved by the department and there are only four days between most of the exams. Which really is not enough time to even do practice questions let alone read five chapters in the book. Some people are fooling themselves if they really think they'll pass with preparation like that. And I still don't agree with is messing up the break for a lot of people, but what can I do? Just deal with it I suppose.

On another note, I ordered my first stethoscope this week!!! It's a littmann cardio III, my Grandmother's going to bring it when she comes at the end of the month. Oh did I mention, my Grandmother is coming in 16 DAYS!!!! I'm so excited!!! I really need the break. Unfortunately, the Wednesday after she comes I have a test and then the week after that I have another one. So I'll be studying most of the time, thanks to the wonderful land of fail everyone and inability to schedule. We're still going to go to Krakow so I can show her around and she can get a better Polish experience, because where I live there's just rude people, the town square, and apartments. 

YAY Me-ma!!!!!!!!! 

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