Saturday, August 9, 2014

You're Scaring the Patients

Today I got to do my very first full genealogical exam unassisted while being observed by our assigned babysitter. I was pretty confident that I had everything under control and that I could handle the situation just fine given that I have only performed one speculum exam and no pap smears in the past 6 weeks of my OB/Gyn rotation. 
I got everything organized and then went to grab the gloves. I couldn’t find them. I looked all over the cart and then because this was the first time in this office and to speed things up asked the doctor quite innocently enough I thought, “where are the gloves?” 
The guy kind of freaked out. Apparently asking questions in front of patients scares them and undermines our roles as medical providers. I was supposed to ask all questions pertaining to the exam before the patient came into the room. 
A two minute lecture ensued which centered on the topic of destroying patient confidence in our abilities to do our jobs. I’ve been yelled at enough that it generally doesn’t bother me, but this doctor definately succeeded in scaring the dickens out of me for a second or two. Who knows what this momentary “freak out” did to the patient who was lying on the bed spread eagle for the entire thing. 
He never answered my question so I after that I spent another minute looking for the stupid things. As it happens the gloves were on the ultrasound machine behind the screen and covered in a bunch of used speculum packaging. My question was legitimate. 

I feel bad for the patient, but I’m still laughing about the whole situation. I mean seriously? 

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