Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dropping Things

Today I had an ovary thrown at me.

Okay, it wasn't exactly at me, more like in my general direction. The surgeon threw it towards a table and he aimed badly causing one very large, very cystic ovary to fall on the floor, and burst like an organic water balloon spraying "ovary juice" all over our shoes.

Luckily we were wearing shoe covers.

This was the first time I'd ever seen an operation to remove an ovarian tumor. They cut through the first layers and exposed the peritoneum underneath, before they even cut through you could see the fluid underneath. When they cut through that they spent about 4 minutes trying to suck all the extra fluid out. And then they reached down and pulled out the tumor. The thing was HUGE, and the lady was so tiny, I couldn't help but to wonder where she put it and how no one noticed the thing sooner.

I couldn't help myself and asked the doctor if they were always that big. His response, "that one is small, usually they're bigger." How in the world could it get bigger??? It was already massive.

Luckily the surgeons found no metastasis and the type of tumor and the grade were generally favorable.

This scenario is just the tip of the iceberg for my stories about people dropping things on the ground.

Last week I observed a vacuum delivery where the doctors were having trouble getting the poor kid out. They were pulling and pulling and then I heard a sudden loud "POP" like a suction cup being released and baby was soaring towards the floor. Luckily, the doctor managed to grab him by one of the legs and prevent anything really bad from happening to him, but it was definitely interesting. Luckily Dad had been asked to leave the room and mom was too out of hit to really notice. I should also add that the baby was perfectly healthy in the end.

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