Sunday, December 2, 2012

Med School Doodles

Most people would like to think that med students are studious, diligent, and attentive during lectures. The truth is, we get as bored as the next person- yeah it's interesting as long as the person giving us the info doesn't drone on, and on about the same thing for hours on end in the same monotone, broken English voice.

The difference between us and other types of students is that we know how to make it look like we're paying attention when we need to.

Do you know how to sleep with your eyes open? Half my class has that down to an art!

How many games of chess/spider solitaire/bejeweled have you played while sitting in the front row of a lecture? I know a guy who plays at least five games minimum per one hour lecture (this obviously depends on the game and his skill level).

How many pages of a ridiculously detailed textbook have you read in class? We can bust out at least fifty pages per 2 hour lecture. (Most of the time it would have been better to stay at home reading anyway).

The best part is that we have it down so well that we can even take notes in this half awake semi-stuperous state. No one even realizes we're only half paying attention. This is probably because the professors are so wrapped up in what they're saying (yes, I'm insinuating that they enjoy hearing their own voices).

My favorite "not paying attention pastime" is doodling. I don't do it too much- just when certain people are lecturing; sometimes it's the ONLY way to stay awake.

So, I thought I'd share some of my latest "works." Hope you enjoy!

If anyone has any cool doodles they've done and would like to share, feel free to submit them and I'll make a special posting of all the best ones! 

Patho lecture...

This is normally a great class, I was just a bit tired so I figured I'd draw. 
Don't worry, we all make it a point to learn the material, something else that makes us different from a lot of other students!

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