Monday, November 26, 2012


No we didn't get off school for Thanksgiving, but at least the school threw all the English speaking programs a big Thanksgiving Party. It was actually really nice, considering some of the other things they've done to "help" us. The whole of the dentistry building was turned into a restaurant, there were buffet style food lines and tables on every floor, on the bottom floor there was a dance floor complete with lights and a DJ...not too shabby.

Seeing as it's considered a "black tie event" all the boys donned their best and so too did I. I bought a dress over the summer, but I needed heels and nylon. So, I went to the mall a few days before and here's the thing: do you have any idea how hard it is to find dress shoes that aren't stilts in Poland!?!? It's impossible. 

There was also the issue as to what to do with my hair. It's quite long and usually it stays in a pony tail as it's quite unruly. After some thought I decided to curl it for the occasion. I tried the day before using normal curlers but to no avail; I only succeeded in making myself look like I'd just got out of bed. The next attempt was much better (I rag curled it instead) and instead of looking half asleep I looked like I had just time jumped from sometime in the 80's. I guess you can't have everything.

Once I was all snazzed up I headed out with my friends. The main course I have to say was TERRIBLE, but the effort was appreciated (Turkey with cashews and apricots...YUCK!). But the dessert was AMAZING! (Sernik and Apple pie! I had about five or six helpings of the two). 

Finally, before heading out my friends and I did a few dances: including the macarena. This is a big deal, because I never dance. Not only am I extremely self conscious, but the music and the lights tend to have implications which are not generally desirable, but that night I was feeling good! Unfortunately, at about 11:00pm right when I was getting into my "groove" my feet started giving out from the heels, so I headed home.  

Normally, Thanksgiving would be a time to spend with my family- as annoying as they can be ;-). But, seeing as they're not here, this was definitely the next best thing. I'm happy that the school at least understands the importance of some of our holidays; and it was a good excuse to have a great time.

My friends and I did get together later in the week for a real Thanksgiving dinner and that was some good eating! 
Me begging for mercy. 

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