Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Dog Lady

A lot of people though I was totally crazy when I got a dog while in medical school. My parents thought I was joking when I showed them the first pictures, and my classmates were convinced that I was going to flunk out. Not only did I get a puppy, I got a puppy that was going to become a BIG dog (a german shepherd) and I happened to live in a 6th floor efficiency apartment at the time.

It really wasn't that hard though! I enjoy running, so instead of running everyday I usually just take Copper for a walk. He was also good motivation to get up early on weekends. Vet bills are much cheaper in Poland as was the cost of the dog in general (a pure bred german shepherd with an actual german line for $300...that's a steal). I've also since moved into a much nicer and bigger apartment on the first floor (and I don't have neighbors who harass me on a regular basis for being American).  

I can safely say that getting Copper while in medical school has helped both my sanity and my happiness. Whether or not he's helped my grades, is still debatable.

Unfortunately, Poland doesn't seem to have very many BIG pet stores where they sell BIG bags of dog food. I need at least a 30 pound bag for every month. There are a few places that have bags big enough, but I never know when they'll be in stock, which is annoying. I've even tried ordering food at the store, but they take two months to order it, or don't order it at all, which leaves Copper kind of hungry.

The remedy: order dog food online. The food comes within the week and they deliver to my door for free - so I don't have to carry two giant bags of dog food a mile back to my apartment. Also with the website I use, they give discounts and have deals where if you buy one bag you get a free toy. This time I bought four 30 pound bags of food and in return got 4 stuffed vultures.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with four vultures, I think I'll give them to my friends with dogs. But, they are so cute and Copper loves them!!! He's currently prancing around squeaking one in his mouth.

It's easier to buy four bags of dog food than buy them one at a time. So right now I look like a crazy dog lady. I emptied one bag into a big container to keep it fresh when I use it. The other three bags are hanging out in my kitchen because I don't have anywhere else to put them.

I hope I don't have too much dinner company anytime in the next four months!

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