Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Day Ever!!!

Wanna know what I got to do today? Do ya? Well tough luck 'cause I'm gonna tell you anyway!!!

Day three of surgery and they let me scrub in for the (it was my first time!) to help with repairing an abdominal aneurysm on a convict! There were two massive guards with him at all times, they even stood right outside of the operating room (because there was a massive chance he was going to become violent while his abdomen was sliced clean open...*sarcasm*).

Technically I only held traction, but I was the best traction holder person in the place. I didn't get smacked in the face by the surgeon as he flailed is elbows around, I stood in a backbend position for almost two hours so the main guy had room to work and I didn't even break a sweat (it probably helps that those drugs for my back have finally started to make some progress), and best of all not once did I break the sterile field!
At the end the doctor let me help suture him up. It's the first time I've ever sutured (EVER as in l've never even seen it done before unless on TV counts).

Then I came home, I got on my computer and guess what- I passed my pediatrics shelf exam!!!

I have to go study for my next test which is in two weeks, but I have so much motivation to study now it's not even funny!

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