Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gifts for the Medical Student Who Has Everything

1. Sometimes I feel like my professors aren’t cutting it and I want to just stay home, watch Kaplan videos and read Goljan. Well here’s a new solution! Why pay thousands of dollars to listen to elderly doctors with broken English lecture for hours on end? Introducing Medical School In A Box!
I wonder what their match rate is?
2.  The biggest problem med students have on a daily basis is remembering EVERYTHING. The funny part is we spend so much time trying to remember miniscule little facts that we start to forget stupid stuff like putting sox’s on both feet. Never fear DR. USB is here. I guess it won’t really help with remembering the little stuff, but it’ll definitely help with the bigger document styled things. 
3. Forget those cutsie plush microbes that I keep seeing everywhere. This is actually more like it! Giant microbe primordial putty is kind of like a mixture of silly putty and agar that you can play with. And it’s probably great for grossing out friends.
4. Favorite drink of med students: COFFEE. So how about this cool mug! You can’t go wrong with enabling drug abuse. ;-) 
5. This pillow would add a bit of pizzazz to any dreary med student apartment. Though I’ll admit the price tag is a bit excessive ($204!!!) for something that you’ll use to sleep on! You might need to take out some more loans just to pay for it. To each his own I guess. 

6. Defibrillator Toaster: Never wait for your toast to pop up in the conventional way again. Imagine dashing in to the kitchen opening the bag of bread only to find two pulseless pieces needing emergency resuscitation. Quickly, you pull out your toaster defibrillator and find a shockable rhythm! CLEAR!!!! OH no they’re in a-systole! Guess you’ll have to call time of death and have breakfast! 
7. Back to always forgetting stuff, I seem to have an excess of sticky notes hanging around. But these ones would really brighten up my workspace. They also have ones of the larynx, mouth, brain, vocal cords, ear, skeleton, and almost every other part of the body you can think of. 
8. Never be late again with this clock! It tells you when to study, when to sleep, and when to shower! 
There were a few other fun things that I thought about adding like a jello mold of the heart which I decided looked a little too realistic for consumption, and the game Operation, which is nice but come on we’re not five…well not physically anyway. Most of these gifts are supposed to be fun and light hearted, because we’re stressed out most of the time, and as much as we’d like another copy of Robbins or the newest edition of first aid, we already have enough to read! 


  1. Thank you! My boyfriend is a 1st year med student and already has all the "essentials" which leaves me nothing to get him for his birthday! This list was perfect for lighthearted gift ideas.

  2. That Defib toaster was a riot haha! Good post