Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I love About Living in Poland

I am painfully aware that I post many negative things about Poland and even my school and some of the things that go on here, but let me make it absolutely clear that I wouldn't change (most) of the experiences I've had given the chance.

I was speaking to a friend the other day and I worded it something like this, "I'm glad it happened. I just wish it hadn't." Sure it would probably have been a ton easier if I had stayed in the US, but I wouldn't have met the people who I consider my best friends among other things.

Poland is really a pretty cool country, sure it has its quirks but I get to see and do some neat stuff that I never would have done if I was back home studying. Even the professors that I complain so much about, sometimes reveal themselves as deeply caring

So here is my list of things I like about Poland so that I can feel better about all the bad stuff I post about it and my school.

1. My friends- they're from everywhere!

2. Copper my dog, he's Polish.

3. Being so close to so many historical places. Poland is filled with history: Numerous castles, some of the oldest churches in Europe, even Auswitz concentration camp.

4. Baked Perogie's- generally speaking I really don't care for cabbage or any Polish food, but baked perogie's and drogdufka will always have a special place in my heart.

5. The buildings. Where I live in Poland wasn't too destroyed during wwII so there are still a ton of old buildings apart from the old soviet blocks. I love walking the dog and looking at the architecture and finding the occasional bullet hole.

6. The old town square during the summer and sometimes the winter. It's always so full of people and during the summer you can eat outside and listen to the clock and the random street performers.

I have more things I like about this place, but I've got to go to class. So until next time, I'll be here trying to stay positive!

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