Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Happy and yet so Insanely stressed out!

I passed my first pathology test!!!!!!!  I'm so happy!!!! After two weeks of what seemed like 24/7 studying and reading about 200 pages of everything, I finally get to take a break! It's short lived obviously, as I have another test tomorrow and one on Friday as well (and maybe one on Thursday now that I'm thinking about it). But, I don't care!!! The amount of people from previous classes who said that pathology was insanely hard and terrible was enough to have me rocking back and forth in worry. They said that no one ever passes the first time, and yet most of our class succeeded in doing so (and I did excellent for a change). I know it was only the first exam, but I think it says a lot about our class or a little about theirs....

Of course they also said that the head professor was a terror, and I think she's great. She's the nicest professor we've had yet! She's volunteered on more than one occasion to help us out and she tells the greatest stories. Yeah she's yelled at some people and can be strict, but she's old school and she just wants us to learn. You give her respect, she gives you respect. Of course lot's of people in my class and in others have no idea what respect even means.
Some say she's a wolf in sheep's clothing, I think she's my grandmother in disguise. After all she's done for me and my lab group, I'm more than happy to stand up for her!

Okay, relaxation time is over time to figure out the kidneys for my pathophys test... now where did I put that book?

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